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Originally Posted by drew51 View Post
I'm trying a purple, I got it from Croatia.
Here is the description
LIVOVYI DZHEM-PLUM JAM Russian Heirloom 75-85 days. Rare purple tomatillo with
exceptional appearance and taste. Deep violet skin color bleeds into flesh with green centers. Much sweeter than
the green types with a musky flavor that is superb when eaten right from the plant. Harvest after the papery husk
has split, when fruits are the size of a golf ball and skin has turned a deep purple color. This unusual deep
purple tomatillo makes an ideal salsa with its sweet tart flavor.

I have two growing and it is outpacing everything! It's huge with flowers already. I'm not planting out till Saturday. I have grown ground cherries, but never tomatillo's till now. When looking at pictures, it doesn't look like the purple I see sold around here.
I probably have extra seed. Looking for a good green also! I can save ton's of seed too if this is worthwhile?

I will have to do a search on those drew51.They sound interesting (but don't they all?),but if I had to order from Croatia,then that would be a little difficult.As has been suggested,just a couple varieties would no doubt serve you very well,at least until you find all the other tasty things you could do with them all.

I wonder what recipes the good people of Croatia use these in?

I think I would save seed just to be safe,but from what everyone is saying,you won't have a shortage because of the volunteers that will come up year after year. Not only that,but no doubt there are some folks here that would enjoy growing them out as a comparison to the purple varieties that they may already be growing.

Please do keep us updated on your new Tomatillos.Very interested to see how they do for you.

I soiled my plants.

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