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Originally Posted by Rajun Gardener View Post
Very nice!!!

I'm an excel junkie too and have been wanting to make one for a while but I hate the thought of sitting for hours setting it up with the dates and when to start seeds.
Thanks! But it wasn't this extensive at first, just the basics and then things added on as I decided to track them. Each year is on a separate tab. Once you have it set up, you can copy and paste to a new year's tab, keep what data you're continuing and dump variables (harvest dates, etc). I do a separate tab and map for each fall too.

I've also tortured excel to map the garden to scale, one square per foot. Since the beds are permanent, it's cut and paste the basic layout year to year. One can get a little OCD by color coding plant families to help with rotation. I also note under each bed what was in there previously for three years back. This is the upper portion of the garden for this year:

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