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Did the new healthy growth get shriveled by the bleach spray? If it did then it was applied at the wrong time of day or with too strong a mix. Copper spray will also cause some shriveling of diseased leaves especially if a stronger mix is used. More than likely you had gray mold building up and waited too long to use the bleach spray. I have never lost that many leaves when using it on spot or Septoria type diseases but I guess it is possible. I have done the same thing and even did it this year on my first plant affected by gray mold. After looking at the results of the spray I realized that had I waited just a few more days it may have been too late for that plant. It has taken a few weeks but it has recovered nicely and I picked a large JD's Special C Tex off of it this morning.

Shade will definitely help with fruit left bare due to defoliation; but many varieties don't get sun scald that easily but some are very sensitive to a lot of direct sun.

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