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I still use both Daconil and Copper sprays but often neither do the job and neither are much good during frequent rainy periods. I like to alternate copper and Daconil as fungicides and use the bleach for things that still pop up almost weekly down here once the heat and humidity get bad.

The fact that your new growth wasn't affected by the spray means you waited a bit too long before applying the bleach spray. As I have stated numerous times it is most effective with used early and often if necessary. When I first started using it I would wait and wait trying the more conventional tools until it was frequently too late to save the plant by using the bleach spray. Eventually it became obvious even to me that I needed to try something different so I started using it early and the results amazed me. By not allowing the disease to get too far along I found I was not losing many leaves after spraying the bleach mix. The fungicides seemed to work better when applied the next day and my thinking was that the bleach spray helped kill or weaken many of the spores on the plants so there was less work for the fungicides to do.

Since adopting the method of using the diluted bleach early and often and applying fungicides the next day and alternating them, my ability to keep my plants healthy for much longer periods has steadily improved. Of course a long period of rain lasting weeks can really make all the effort sometimes futile. You can only fight Mother Nature so much.

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