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Default Beginnings of a Chicken coop...

I am kinda winging this one with random stuff from around the yard. I cut these first shelves / nest boxes and I am not happy. For one I couldn't find my chalk box. So the shelves / nest boxes aren't even square. Anyway I want to make each nest a full one foot square. With one access side missing and steel grating for their floor. One shelf per side will be on the outside of the main frame. Then two boxes will sit inside the frame. One foot above the outside ones. I can get a third set of boxes in there. However I doubt I should put that many birds in a 4x4 box. Anyway with the 4 shelves @ 3 birds per shelf. It's pretty packed with just two rows. All this is subject to change as I have two new sheets of 3/4 ply and more of that old grating. To be truthful I am not sure which shelf should go where and why it should. It just seems to make sense to the make the outside row @ the bottom of the cage to me. I hope this ramble make sense... Ty
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