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Originally Posted by MrSalvage View Post
Yep I have been over on that site a few times looking around recently. It's a good site with a lot of info. I see we are local to each other so when do you plant out your tomatoes & peppers?

I want to build my first chicken tractor after i get my #1 garden all planted. In the hope that the chicken will do all the work for me on garden #2. Of course it will be next year before I can plant #2. But should be in great shape from the chickens so I am a little stoked about that. I almost bought more chickens today & would have if my eBay store wasn't so slow.

We are probably going to move north of Dallas at the end of the summer. As i don't think I can take another winter here with my RA.
It depends.. Last frost is April 15 and we had deep frost near that date last year so I was in no hurry to plant out. I ended up planting out tomatoes last week of April and peppers first week of May. This year has been milder and I started my seeds several weeks earlier in anticipation of an earlier plant date. This season I had everything in the ground by April 10. My first blt last year was July 1. I have big beef already producing tomatoes so my first blt should be much sooner this season. Just ordered a drip irrigation system so hope to avoid the dreaded BER!
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