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This is the best pepper year I have had for a long time. It is by far the best for hot peppers and my bells are just loaded with nice peppers. I will just have to hope I don't have the problems with TSWV that I had last year. I have been feeding them the new Vegetable formula from Urban Farms that you have to ask for when you order. It did so well on my cucumbers, squash, and cantaloupes that I thought I would see how it did on peppers. Another thing I did was shade one of my beds and it has surpassed the bed that is in the open in both size of the plants and the number of large peppers. I think as the summer heat continues the shade is looking more and more like something I will be doing with my bells from now on. I even have a Dragon hot pepper in my shaded bed and it is far outpacing the ones in the open. I may try a Jalapeno in the shade next year and see how it does.

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