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Originally Posted by HoustonHeat View Post
Ok thanks... to summarize we have a mites verses possible nutrient (phosphorous) consideration considering purple leaves. I have fertilizer so I will double down and do both. Everyone thanks so much!!!! This website rocks......
I think you misunderstand, Marsha said earlier "Mites mimic nutrient deficiencies". Just because there is some purple color to your leaves doesn't mean you have a P deficiency, What first gave me an indication that you have mites is the grayish purple cast under the leaves. The cells on the underside of the leaf have been killed by the mites, one of the responses of the plant to being wounded and under stress is a buildup of antioxidant compounds including the purple anthocyanin pigments.

Originally Posted by brownrexx View Post
Don't go overboard with treatments. You can end up killing your plants with kindness. Neem ever other day sounds excessive to me.
I agree but since mites reproduce so rapidly (eggs hatch every 3-5 days) you've got to do something to kill the eggs and the new nymphs. Neem oil and soap sprays are pretty harmless to the plant in normal concentrations.
Some other insecticidal mixtures I would be more careful with. Alternating with different treatments seems to be a better approach.
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