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Originally Posted by Cole_Robbie View Post
There is a microbrewery near me that specializes in foraged ingredients in their beer. I've only been there once, but all of the beer that I tried is excellent. Their varieties change constantly as differently ingredients come in and out of season.

Here's their site:
That looks pretty amazing. Chanterelles in beer. Tomatoes in beer??
I notice they use 'wild carrots' as a flavoring, among other things..... And the food looks pretty tasty too.
Of course the exotic things are flavorings. Small amounts'll do.

We tried some wild flavors back in the wine making days. Flavors really magnified in wine, no joke. Elecampane... that was pretty good. Gooseberry and yarrow, took very little yarrow to make it extremely floral - ah what hangovers we had from that one. If I ever tried that again I would use the tiniest pinch...
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