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Originally Posted by KarenO View Post
I'm pretty happy with EM Champion too. Small plant, big tomatoes, picked
one at 1 lb 4.7 oz today in a 4 gallon pot.
that's sort of what happened to me a couple years ago with EM Champion

in a 5 gallon pot (or smaller?) got "lost and forgotten " by it self ...untended

until I found it lost at the back of the dome ....Huge fruits ..lots of them

"how did it do that ?!" This year so far in my 7 gallon trials

I got lots of fruit early ...but only medium ...but some large greenies coming on

Maybe I should go back to 5 gallons for EM champion ..LOL

Hey Karen how are your Signature projects ...coming along ?
So Many Tomatoes ...So Little Time !
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