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Originally Posted by majabu View Post

Just arrived this morning: Seeds of Acme (LYC 291)

Thanks go out to Maja who took the time to request, grow out and report the results for tomato accession number LYC 291. (

Sadly, it looks like LCY 291 is the same or similar ribbed, red-fruited "Acme" that we have run across over the past couple of decades, and not Livingston's medium-sized (by today's standards), purple colored (pink fruited in modern terminology) tomato.

By the way, although there is definitely "confusion" regarding the traits of the various "Acme" varieties currently in circulation, there is definitely no doubt in regards to what Livingston's 'Acme' looked like. Here are two documentary pieces of reference material:

As noted previously in this thread, Livingston's Acme tomato appears to be extinct, at least in name and provenance.

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