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Well, I had a jar of Osmocote that I was saving for indoor growing but never used it soI took it out of storage. I scraped some in about half an inch in a band next to my onions and added it to the single row of tomato holes that were planted on Friday. I also applied some to the cabbage that I had finally planted last week.

Time is short this week as I am on rotation at work. I still have a few garlic beds that weren't fertilized this season so that is next on the list, and a miracle grow liquid gets the job. The two garlic beds that I did fertilize with an 8-8-8 organic seem to be left untouched.

I wonder what the soil criteria is for how long it will take for those chemical beds to become sodic. My neighbor has fertilized liberally with mg all his life and in the past two years his beds look like a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree.

Breaking open a bag of Tomato Tone for my backyard tonight!

- Lisa
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