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Made some pickles last week, loosely based on a combo of the first two recipes on this thread.

I filled two gallon canning jars and processed them in a hot-water bath and the lids sucked in -- yay! Had a lot of veggies left over, so I had to grab and sterilize a few regular clean jars and fill those too.

Sampled one of the smaller jars -- delicious!

I used cucumbers, carrots, cabbage and cayenne and banana peppers. The jar in the middle has all the green cherry tomatoes and ordono peppers I picked just before the snow plus the last pieces of leftover cabbage. Seasoned it all with lots of garlic, some dill and some chopped jalapenos in the salt-vinegar mixture. They do have a kick! I'm happy that the cucumbers are still crunchy.

Thanks for sharing the recipes!
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