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Originally Posted by loulac View Post
I must say I'm quite surprised by the color or the huevos de toro shown above. Are they really orange or is it a trick of the camera?
Why wouldn't they be orange and some of them look egg (Huevos) shaped to me.

I was so glad to find the thread where Conchi posted since Ilex had deffered to her when it came to the various ones all called Huevos. Did you read that link above where she said there were many Huevos ones from different regions of Spain and Ilex had noted the same several years ago when he did a few posts here. Conchi talked about beefsteak and heart ones as well, as I recall. So not all are egg shaped and not all are the same color.

Why they were all called Huevos I don't know but the red Huevos that made it's way to france certainly was a beefsteak and not egg shaped.

Which is why sometime I really should contact Tania b'c when listing CdT she had said that the original name of Huevos de Toro should be used, but back then she didn't know that there were more Huevos ones that were known and not all red.

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