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Originally Posted by fonseca View Post
It never fails. Minding my own business trying to enjoy a good beer (NC has a plethora of fantastic microbreweries), I guarantee someone else wants to ruin it.

"Hey there, wanna buy me a drink?"

-"No thanks."

"Then why are you even here wasting my time?"

"How do you feel about [political issue]?"

-"I don't discuss politics over beer."

"You must be a [pejorative for opposing view]!"

"Hey! Why don't you come sit with us?"

-"I already told you I'm not paying for your drinks."

"Okay fine @$$#*!3"

"Bro that beer sucks!"

-"Thanks for your unsolicited opinion."

"You trying to start something bro? I will #&$! you up!"

I estimate that roughly 10% of the population is comprised of jerks (there's a more accurate term that I will refrain from using here). That percentage triples in any bar.

Unless we're on vacation, my husband and I don't eat out very often. When we do and there's a wait for a table, he'll always ask if we can just sit at the bar. I always say no. I'd rather enjoy a one-on-one meal and conversation with him than deal with all the drama going on at the bar.
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