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Haven't been posting much in the past few months...been too busy.

I got asked for my organic garlic powders in serious quantity from some local chefs. Some are just plain dehydrated/ground/powdered, some are roasted before dehydrating/grinding/powdering, and some are toasted a bit afterwards.

So far I've processed over 60lbs of organic garlic. That worked out to be just over 10Litres of finished powder! I'm lucky if I end up with a third of the original weight after the whole process.

Have also done the same process with multi-coloured heirloom carrots. The resulting powder makes a great soup base!

And I did a bushel each of organic cayenne and poblano peppers that I smoked, dehydrated, ground and powdered.

Oh yeah....and I've also burnt out 3 coffee grinders and so decided it was time to invest in a seed/nut grinder that is working far. My old dehydrator was not very powerful, nor could I adjust the heat levels. So I invested in a new Nesco and bought 4 extra trays, so I now can stack 9 trays at a go...and I still have back up usually.

Been having fun mixing blends with all of these.

Still have to do some other veggies and ginger.

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