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Originally Posted by Zana View Post
I got asked for my organic garlic powders in serious quantity from some local chefs. Some are just plain dehydrated/ground/powdered, some are roasted before dehydrating/grinding/powdering, and some are toasted a bit afterwards.
This is the first year I dehydrated garlic from the garden after first thinly slicing it. I store it in the freezer and then whiz into powder as needed. But I had never thought to roast it first. Brilliant idea! I'll have to try that. BTW, this little garlic slicing gizmo was one of the handiest ten bucks I've ever spent:

Originally Posted by Zana View Post
Have also done the same process with multi-coloured heirloom carrots. The resulting powder makes a great soup base!
Another great idea.

Originally Posted by Zana View Post
And I did a bushel each of organic cayenne and poblano peppers that I smoked, dehydrated, ground and powdered.
This is something I've been wanting to try this summer. Did you smoke them indirectly on a wood fired or charcoal grill?

Originally Posted by Zana View Post
Still have to do some other veggies and ginger.
Did dehydrated and then powdered ginger this fall for the first time when they had fresh ginger on sale at the grocery. Soooo much better than any store bought processed powder! very bright and floral.
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