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Hey Everyone in NorCal. Have you started your tomato seeds yet? I haven't. I probably won't start from seed this year. I still need to level of an area of my backyard for raised beds and build a short fence to keep my doggies out. During the last storm, I had a tree removed from that area.

This year, I will only have 2-9'x3' raised beds, some Easi-Lift grow bags and 2 Earthboxes. It is going to be a pain bringing in the soil because the nearest nursery is at least ten 10 miles away.

The Earthboxes will definitely be used for cherry tomatoes. 1 raised bed will be for cukes and the other for tomatoes. The growbags will be for peppers.

So how many tomato plants should I squeeze into 1-9x3 bed?
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