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Hi everyone!

I have my little seedlings that I'm hardening off. Actually got in my garden today, mowed the weeds, turned soil and set up cages. Alas, I learned my lesson last year, after I ended up with an impregnable mass of plants with way too many wasted tomatoes! I've gone from 36 down to 17 plants.

Chai, welcome! I'm another Davisite. East Davis.

I'm growing mostly old favorites. Of course, Berkeley Tie Dye, Beauty King, Annie's Black Zebra, Super Italian Paste, Speckled Roman, Sarah Black, Black Trifele, OR117, Kellogg's Breakfast, Black from Tula, Sungold, Lemon Boy, Mystery Cherokee and Not Burrakers!

We'll see if I can actually resist not putting in MORE...!

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