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Default Kitchen Make Over.

Yes that's right I have always wanted to do it I hate my kitchen.
It was designed for people that want to watch TV and warm up TV dinners.
On some paper somewhere I have it drawn up.
But to do this it had to be in my head first so I'm not looking fo these plans.
How I intend to do this is a little at a time.
Not the crazy BS they do on TV where the housewife takes a sledge hammer to the place and makes a huge mess.
I still need to cook right?
So where I am sitting right now will be the new place for a gas cook top and extra small sink.
The plumbing is already there to be used and in the right spot.
By doing this first I can then remove the microwave and stove from the other spot and work there when I want to.
There is 240 there so this is where the electric oven/ovens will be.

Then comes the stupid bar I never use for anything but stacking stuff on.
I can never seem to keep the thing cleared off.

If I move the bar outwards a little into the area I never use which is the living room I can have room for a small rolling prep table.
I haven't made my mind up yet on this one I need to look at it more but there will be more upper cabinets closing off the living area somewhat.
Of the big kettles I use most often are the 16 quart and 12 quart.
There are two big empty spaces that cant be accessed in two corners of the kitchen cabinets.
When I build the new cabinets I can get to them and this is where the most unused will end up.

I need to take some measurements and come up with a plan.
The cabinets wont be anything fancy but more rustic and functional.

Happy Fermenting.
I Texas.
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