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Originally Posted by seagullplayer View Post
Looking at the 6x8 snap & grow greenhouse. Looks pretty easy to put together.

We have used a small greenhouse before to extend our season both ways.

Has anyone had any experience with these? We are in Southern Indiana, snow load is not a big issue, and our wind is limited due to our location.
I just bought the tiny 4x6 Palram Nature Hybrid, but I was looking at other larger Palram Greenhouses for months including the Snap & Grow. All of their Greenhouses receive the equal amount of positive praise and negative reviews so I am sure you will either love it or hate. Most of the negatives that I saw was regarding assembly and missing parts, but I also saw that Palram customer service will take good care of you there. There were a few complaints about leaks, but that's what caulk is for.
I have enough window space in my house and sunroom for starting plants, but to extend the season on some of my tomato and pepper plants requires a Greenhouse. Looking forward to exploring the uses of the extra grow space - I bet you are excited too!
My logic for my choice for going so small is that it's my first Greenhouse so I want to try it out to see the benefits/advantages on a small scale and secondly that I really want to move in the next 3-5 years and with a 4x6 built on a wood base I could either move it with me or easily sell and transport it in a pickup. I was looking at 8x12s and larger, but I certainly would not want something that I had to disassemble, then reassemble if I moved. I have some bolt on jack-wheels that I could mount to the wood base and even put this little guy in the back of my garage or under my 2nd story deck during the harsh Winter until ready for use in the early Spring. We just had 45-50 mph winds with heavy ice yesterday and I don't think many cheap Greenhouses could stand up to that without some minor repair afterward, so being able to bring it under cover is a good option too. We also get the occasional dump of 2-3 feet of snow and back-to-back storms to boot.
I figure for $339 delivered, it's not much to lose to give it a try. It will be here tomorrow, but it will sit in the box until at least March (after I check if the parts are all there) before I assemble it.
Please post here and let me know how yours works out for you with the assembly and everything and best of luck

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