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Originally Posted by PlainJane View Post
Yesterday was gorgeous weather so the sprouted tomato and pepper seedlings spent a few hours outside. Maybe it was my imagination, but they looked noticeably bigger when I put them back on the grow table.
It's NOT your imagination! They go absolutely nuts when they sit outside.

I got another bed forked up yesterday so the brassica areas are ready to go. Today I will do one of the two pea beds. One bed is about all my knee wants to handle for now.

It was a record 81 out there yesterday and will be almost there today and tomorrow before cooling off for a few days. That's got me worried about soil temps and nematodes waking up. I just checked the soil temp and it's about 58. I think I'll dump a bunch of chopped leaves on the brassica beds today to keep the soil cool. Should have done that yesterday morning or the day before.
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