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I grow a a few varieties of runners, some red , some pink, some white and some red and white but I have never had them self seed due to climate. I have not heard of them being earlier , I only thought the English Broad Bean was earlier as it can be fall sown or spring sown in February.

I too have heard mixed comments about Hyacinth beans but many folks do eat them and they are very pretty.

I have suceeded to grow Chayote and it was huge and practically took over.

I found some Ramsons and Rampions today which I am pleased about.

I have been toying witht the idea if Eric Ts book bit after reading a review I changed my mind. I do know many of the veggies mentioned won;t grow here.

salix, I answered in the other thread, I can let you have some Skirret seeds, I have more en route from Germany so may be a couple of weeks, but Amishland does have them.

It is a very interesting thread, and is great to hear other folks are going perennial.

XX Jeannine
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