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Originally Posted by epenna View Post
I am growing in 15 gallon containers.

The tomatoes are not as thriving as I had hoped, so I ran a soil test, and was amazed to find that while I have high levels of K and P, I have virtually no nitrogen in the soil.

I was very surprised, since I have been using a balanced fertilizer... so I ordered Urea, which is 46-0-0. The directions say to sprinkle it atop the dirt, but I worry about it burning... has any one had results dissolving in water and using it for watering?

I am also in the process of lowering the ph from 7.5 to 6, in case that changes your advice.


Most people use CaNO3 with a high K fertilizer. I have not tried every method out there of course.
There are a few of us here, and I also have local farmer friends who follow Hydro Gardens methods, you can find that info in our threads. Get some Phosphoric Acid to drop your pH
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