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Since your cloves are peeled, there's nowhere for the baddies to hide.
I just cracked my garlic to plant tomorrow. I was as careful as could be to choose my best for seed and kept them apart from the others. And most of the cloves have nice tight wrappers and look as perfect as can be.
But sure enough, one or two bulbs had troubles and won't be planted.
One bulb the mites had obviously found their way into the loose wrappers and were having a party. The mites are not as scary as I thought, they aren't flyers and don't move around on invisible threads, just slow very slow crawling, so their damages can be controlled pretty easily (not like spider mites.. aphids!! or thrips..) You can spot them by the rusty orange trail they leave on the wrappers. And see them with a hand lens.

And I had another bulb in my softneck stock with some black mold (looks like) around the base of the cloves. Not gonna risk planting that either.

I think I may try the alcohol dip for the stock that had the mite problem, in case there was any transfer.
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