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Tomatoes seem to tolerate more compact soil than peppers. Peppers usually take longer to sprout. Most peppers can grow fine in containers (and seem to do pretty well there compared to compact soil); maybe not bell peppers, though (at least some if them). Pepper plants don't generally get as large as tomato plants. Branches seem more prone to breaking if there are too many big peppers growing in one spot. You can harvest before they're fully ripe. Peppers have excellent hang time after ripening (although slugs may eat even jalapenos after they turn red).

Some peppers do better in shade and crowded conditions than others. Ring of Fire is probably my favorite for those conditions.

I like growing peppers in 10-gallon moving totes (two plants per tote).

Aphids and whiteflies seem to bother peppers more than tomatoes. If I shower the foliage with a shower nozzle every other day, the pests leave them alone.

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