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I have a confession to make.
When I was in the Marines in California I had never had anything that had fennel in it.
I had no idea what fennel even was or had eaten Italian sausage.
My experience with fennel comes from an idiotic test.
While on the slopes I noticed a weed growing that smelled like licorice.
So I put w wee bit in my mouth and tried it and it was good.
I didn't die or get sick so I started too increase the amount I tried and I never got sick.
So I just started eating it and the rest of the guys did too.
Then later on in life I was introduce to fennel seeds.
I noticed they tasted like the weed I was eating in California.
It was here or on garden web I asked if the weed in California was fennel.

That was when I found out for sure it was wild fennel I was eating.

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