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Originally Posted by b54red View Post
Go ahead and plant the bulbs making sure to give them a bit more room than regular garlic as they can get huge if the soil is rich in organic mater and kept well weeded. They don't compete well with weeds and they even do better when lightly mulched to keep the weeds down. I grew them for about 25 years and planted anywhere from early October into early December and they did great almost every year. I liked them but their flavor is very very mild. We found the best use for them was in a pot roast cooked slow and long. They made the gravy fantastic as well as adding to the flavor of the roast.

Thanks for the information and will plant this weekend, as things are cooling down a little bit. I have never grown E-G, but have grown lots of reg. garlic before. One reason for planting is the showy nature.

I do have some Bermuda that has popped up and is a real bugger to get rid of. It's strange as surrounding grass/weeds are nut grass and other w/ no Bermuda, but I guess some seed "flew" in and loves the rich dirt.
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