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Originally Posted by travis View Post
Solution: Grow 10 or 12 plants each of Chalk's Early Jewel, John Baer, and Bonny Best. Select the best couple of plants from each "variety" for saving seeds, and mix the seeds all together for future plantings. When and if sharing the resulting seeds, designate them not by name but simply by "good old standard red all purpose tomato seed mix #4" or some other similar designation.
Why not?

I knew that someone, it had to be you, and wasn't that a song, would recognize that the seeds of all three were interchanged and mixed up long ago and since those have been brought forward to the present and no current seed Co knows exactly where any Bonny Best or John Baer or Chalks Early Jewel came from , it seem to me it's a toss up.

You can do it Travis, I don't have the room to do it and to be honest, I don't want to do it either.

I can see it now. Get your mix of varieties of old here, at least 3 of them, and they're probably all the same, and that's just for the #4 seed mix. My mind boggles at the opportunity that exists for some other closely related varieties as well to be sold as seed mixes.
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