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Hello GoDawg and Zendog

I have just finished my research of the Farming Secrets Native Americans gave my people in 1800s. So I am going to try to help you: in my efforts of giving back to Miss Carolyn who is sick and Tomatoville.

Did you have any Alliums or Onions growing in that area last year? If so, that could be the Problem, Amen!

Although Onions are in the Allium Family Tree of Vegetables as to "WHy" I keep a map of my farmed areas and Vegetables grown in that location.. It is really important to wait a year in between Garlic and Onions. So crop rotation is a must. I use only organic soil. But, if you have to use Fertilizer, you can only use a slow releasing fertilizer around Garlic, Onions and any Member of the Allium Family of Vegetables.
May God Bless you and my Garden, Amen


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