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Originally Posted by gflynn View Post

With these temperatures I would think things are getting ripe faster but July 12th isn't that early. I think July the 25th seems to be a common mark for me.

hi greg,

some things have ripened ahead of time, like garlic has already been dug last saturday about 2 1/2 weeks early but at least 2 weeks early. sun gold is usually ripening about 7/9 to 7/14 and unless i grow azoychka it is always my 1st. all others typically ripen from about 7/15 to 7/25 but aunt gertie's gold is always late maybe 2+ weeks after the last variety to produce. now most plants have grown fast, but tomatoes seem to be about normal, however, since all but sun gold have not started i'm guessing they'll ripen as normal.

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