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Dearest Larvin ( sic) you got it right, or almost right.

Please look at my post 10 and you'll see where I talked about one parent being lost, Minnie coming to GW to explain that, and the fact that BZ F1 was sold by other places when it wasn't a hybrid.

You'll also see in that post 10 that I linked to the threads at GW where someone else reported what size one you grew most recently and I asked you a few questions about the backgrouond of your seeds and you answered me quite clearly.

I also said that once TT as owned by Wayne Hilton was sold to Jung's that I was pretty sure that the BZ F1 they were selling was correct.

I don't think anyone doubts that the original BZ F1 WAS an F1, where the confusion comes in is what then happened at the old TT when they were selling F1 seeds that weren't and the same was happening at a few other places as well.

Also, confusion comes in when folks save seeds from the F1, whether it initially be F2's, make selections, F3's, etc., and still refer to it as an F1, when it is not an F1 at that point.

To date I don't know of anyone who has taken it out to whatever generation and then compared it with the F1, which I assume they were growing at each generation as a control, to say that they have an almost exact OP Big Zac. But you'd know that better than I would since I don't hang out with the big tomato growers as you do.

Glad to see you here and when you become as perfect as I am in all ways, please do let me know, lest I misspell something, or forget a comma, etc., which of course you never do
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