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Originally Posted by kath View Post

My MIL has grown them "forever" and they just reseed all over her garden every year. She treats the ones she doesn't want like weeds and keeps the others. They always produce for her each year (zone 6b) that way, although later than if you start them early inside. She makes pies out of them and used to sell them to the local market as they are popular where she lives. She wasn't interested in any of my plants last year but when I decided I didn't want the fruits, she gladly took them and as a result has asked me to grow her some this year. The point being that there is a bit of a difference in taste in the varieties that are available.

So last year I got seeds for "Pineapple Tomatillo", Aunt Mollie's Ground Cherry" and "Golden Berry Pineapple"- I think there was another one but I don't have any seed left of the fourth one. Looking at the seed packets, I do have enough to start some plants for her this year (and then she'll be set because of the reseeding factor) and still have some left over- I'd be happy to share them as far as they'll go. Just send me a PM if you're interested- I could get them in the mail tomorrow.

Thanks for the tempting offer, Kath, but I'm afraid I have got to say no to that because I already have so so so many seeds and so so so many plants on my grow list already! Maybe we'll make a trade this fall when I have some open spots next year. Thanks!
Nice pics, Dale! I've heard of those cape gooseberries before- what is the difference between them and ground cherries? cape gooseberries grow in a more profound bush shape or something? Anyways, the look good! And if they taste at all like a ground cherry, I can see why people would report a mediciney taste. They are really really really sweet!

Thanks for chiming in, everyone. Fun to learn all these things and read everyone's posts!

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