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Three of my varieties are quite serious:

1. The Cherokee Purples are very prolific this year. I've harvested half a dozen awesome big ones, and lots more normal-sized.

2. Black Krims are phenomenally prolific. Good sized, and a very, very nice, dark taste.

3. Big Rainbow is just beginning to come in. Large but not huge (like I'd hoped). A couple have just ripened and are sitting on the sideboard.

Stupice is pretty tasty, but it's hard to take seriously; they're so small. Still, they're busting out all over.

Golden Jubilee is also a serious producer -- a real trouper, and beautiful. I give most of them away as they're rather mild.

I have some red varieties, but they're not very exciting compared to the purple and black, IMO. Plus, as I mentioned in a previous post, I don't know which are which, since they got mixed up. Well, that's not quite true anymore -- I've identified most of them. They're not producing a lot; maybe they can tell they're not Mommy's favorite.

There's one plant with cascades of medium-sized fruit, as yet unripe. It's quite picturesque, just like a photo on a seed packet.

I will bring 'em all on the 20th.

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