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Thank you everyone for your input!

Last year I had a lot of plants die and I didn't realize why. This year, the majority or one muskmelon survived another muskmelon pretty much wiped out, Ali Baba watermelon it wiped out, orange glo and sangria only had a few survivors. Some dieing plants had as many as 3 wireworms.

I bought some Ortho home defence granular and mixed it into the soil the best that I could (raised rows with plastic mulch).

The next day I replanted. Supposedly, the granular would kill in 24 hrs. While I was replanting, I dug up one live wireworm.

I like the suggestion about good nematodes, but I don't know if they would survive my winter fertilizing. From the end of the season until the end of January, I throw fresh horse manure onto the garden and rototill it in every now and then.

Time will tell......
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