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Hi..Its 11.58pm so I better cook a couple of eggs ..I got 8 transplanted so hope to get 10 done tomorrow and 10 on Thursday ...In between working on my growth chamber ...I am going to go and buy another Tasty Tom plant tomorrow and take it up to the guy so he can show me exactly what he told me today....Now I got an indication that he has studied Bonzai and this is where these ideas of his come from....

I am going to have a full greenhouse again although nothing like last season ..I am not going to plant the Tasty tom Plants I grew from "seed" into drums ...that will make a difference and i intend to double up my Sweet Scarlets IE on the ground and on a shelf above as they are dwarfs...I have 3 or 4 of some like Missouri Love Apple so will keep 2 and transplant the others into Plastic Pots and give them away or even sell them for a small return...Another beauty about the drums is they are easy to move across the concrete as long as the stakes are not tied to the greenhouse and one can create space to work on them and then simply push them back to their original position so one can sneak a few extra drums in by doing this......I do not like filling them up too much with soil because then lifting is impossible,,,,I wonder how many people use these drums and struggle with the weight without realising that they have 5 kg of water in them and a couple of drill holes will get rid of it all....
Well Its been a great day ..I made progress I think in convincing you all my plants were certainly not over watered BUT growing germinated seeds in a jiffy pot on a capillary cloth is a no no ....The jiffy pot draws the water up something terrible and then using a Moss mix never made things better ..I am wondering if this is why I had so many failures when I was using already germinated seeds??...Regards Ron

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