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Originally Posted by Worth1 View Post
They aren't going to grow kept cold, wet or not wet.
((Not)) gonna happen.
What I see in the pictuer is an immature plant that isn't even close to having a big root structure due to it's size.
They will grow, but very slowly. What Ron wanted was thick stems and stocky plants. The cold treatment will provide that. The treatment is only for 10-14 days. It will set the plants growth back some, but will produce nice stocky plants that will flower earlier. The plants will catch up nicely when they are planted out in the warmth of the sun. Unfortunately he has started his seed very late in his growing season and can not take advantage of the natural cool temperatures of spring as you do in your garage. So, I guess that if he wants the cold treatment this is what he has to do.

Yes, he does have an awful lot going on. Do I agree with it all, no, and I have told him so. But hey, this is his project and they are his plants. I just help him and work within his parameters.
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