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Originally Posted by carolyn137 View Post
Vladimir, just letting you know that tonight I watched those two wonderful Czech ladies beat Serena and Venus Williams in a doubles match at the US Tennis Open.

I think many were surprised by the result, but those two women played a terrific match.

Both are blondes. Is blonde hair common for womens hair color in the Czech Republic?

Just curious.

Carolyn, who wished she could spell their names, but it would mean going elsewhere and copying them down to post here.
US Open begun in TV Eurosport 1 from midnight our time. I looked only women singles. Finale of mix and semifinal of womens double wasn´t in TV Eurosport. I like Andrea Hlaváčková for her optimism and gladness from tennis
Yes, blonde hairs are common for womens hair color in the Czech Republic, alike in Germany, but less than Scandinavia or Netherlands. For example my mother was blond and I had blond hair as a child too. From Czech tennis player had blond hairs Jana Novotná from Brno.Martina Navrátilová I don´t know. It is 7 p.m. and I look at match Djokovic- Wawrinka.
I wish a nice afternoon with tennis in TV. Vladimír

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