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mensplace there is an array of online places to get some eggplant seeds. If you want heirlooms like Casper and Rosa Bianca is a place to get them. Otherwise if you don't mind hybrids there is

I grow routinely 20ish eggplants of varying varieties. The miniature ones and the Asian ones are good if you want to a smaller amount to add to a stir fry or I like grilling them in spices as a side. The bigger varieties I use for Italian cooking or deep frying them (yum).

Eggplants aren't really an accepted veggie in the US. It is sad. I enjoy them but my grandparents came from Sicily and we had eggplant every Sunday with our Sunday supper.

Just be sure to pick before you lose the sheen on the skin, otherwise the skin gets bitter and tougher and the seeds swell and are much more noticeable.
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