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Originally Posted by Worth1 View Post
There is no pepper too thick to dry.
It all depends on the environment.
Look at the so called paprika type peppers.
One thing a person can do is to cut a slit in each one this helps out a lot.
There are some places you simply cannot dry a pepper without help and that is in constantly humid areas it just isn't going to happen without help in one way or another.
When I was on the gulf coast I had to put them in the oven on warm all day with the door cracked open.

In Idaho in the dry high altitudes I see no reason a person couldn't hang them up in a ristra and dry them.
Technically that is correct but in practice might not be the case.
The longer it takes to get dry, the higher the chances of rotting and growing mold.It has happened with Habanero, with me, many times.
But if you have a good dehydrator it can make the job easier. I like to get one (at reasonable cost !) that I can set my own temperature. Last year I bought one from WM. It was more like a cooker than dehydrator. I returned it.

Happy Gardening !
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