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Hi jillian,

Thanks for that detailed answer.

There is a lot to look over and compare to my current method. Mainly it looks like you begin with a much more nutrient rich soil mix than I do. Are your buckets self watering, or do you top water? I ask because of the shake and feed. It seems that would only work well by top watering. It looks like it is a 10-5-15, which is a higher N that what I use.

I currently use a 5 gallon container, but last year it was a 15 gallon and I had the same issue.

My mix includes dolomite lime, blood meal, rock phosphate, green sand, azomite, Garden Tone, and compost. Then a handful of Garden Tone at planting. I do mulch heavily.

I'll re-read this several times to extract all the tomato growing goodness I can.
Again thanks for the info.

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