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Originally Posted by JohnJones View Post
So, is that the side of the house across the street we r looking at? Beautiful neighborhood by the way.
Yes and thank you!

Originally Posted by Worth1 View Post
Reminds me of the HOA meeting I went to when I had property in one.
The laws stated no sheds or gardens in front of the house.
So I asked what about beside the house.
The Hitler woman said well not that either what we mean is visible.
So I said so you mean to tell me I have 12 acres of land and everything has to be behind the house.
Yes she said.
That is when the whole group of people erupted and turned on her.
I didn't go the next year but I heard there was a knock down drag out fight at the annual meeting.

I am pretty much free to do what I wish, with the exception of livestock. Two hens are allowed but can't put a coup within 50 feet of a property line, which would restrict me to my front yard. Still though about it though.

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