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Originally Posted by heirloomtomaguy View Post
I currently have 3, 20 gallon containers that i am experimenting with using the "hill" method of adding dirt. I started off with 4 inches of dirt on the bottom. Then i added 6 seed potatoes in each container followed by 2 more inches of dirt on top. When the plants grew 6 inches above the soil i buried 1/3 of the plant. Then again and again and again until i reached the top of the container. The plants are nice and bushy and are barely begining to flower. When the flowers die i am told it is time to dump out the bountiful harvest. So i will sacrificially saw into one of my containers to see if the entire container is full of potatoes. The three varieties i planted are french fingerling, russian banana fingerling, and austrian crescent fingerling. Stay tuned with actual results.
Awaiting the results with bated breath. Don't dump, dig carefully inch by inch. Make sue you have a camera.

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