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Default Brandywine X Tad (X Anna Russian) - progress (lots of pics)

Very long post - lots of pic links.

I am getting some results on the F3 growouts of the bee produced cross between Brandywine and, possibly, Tad and Anna Russian that eventually led to Lucky Cross and Little Lucky. I've gone back to the F2 seed and grown out a number of F3 - some interesting genetics and segregation at play here.

We all know what Brandywine and Anna Russian look like. Here is Tad (Tad resulted from a cross and subsequent selection between Old German and Tigerella, done by Tad Smith, and was named by Carolyn):

Pic of the original hybrid - very unusual in that it is a pink tomato with fine vertical yellow stripes (never seen a striped hybrid).

I grew 11 of the F2 last year, and then selected the most promising 3 to go to the F3 this year. Here are each of the F2 and the lines that are emerging:

Brandywine hybrid F2 - plant potato leaf 3, saved as 05-63; round medium yellow fruit with fine vertical red stripes. The fruit here is just starting to ripen, but shows the stripes.

From that seed, I grew out three seedlings this year (the F3). Two are potato leaf, one regular leaf.

Here is potato leaf Row 6, plant 6:

Regular leaf Row 7, plant 4 has severe TSW and will not provide any fruit.

Potato leaf row 8 plant 6:

Unripe -

Ripe -

Brandywine hybrid F2 - plant potato leaf 5, saved as 05-67; small smooth pink heart shaped.

The F3s are: Potato leaf plant, row 6 plant 5:

And sliced - note that it is completely hollow,

Potato leaf plant, row 7 plant 3, just blooming, no fruit set yet.

Potato leaf plant, row 7 plant 7:

Brandywine hybrid F2 - plant potato leaf 6, saved as 05-69, large yellow/red bicolor, the color of Lucky Cross but not the intense flavor.

The F3s are: Potato leaf plant row 6, plant 4:

Regular leaf plant, row 6, plant 8:

Potato leaf plant row 7, plant 6:

Brandywine hybrid F2 - plant regular leaf 5, saved as 05-74; round medium pink fruit with fine vertical yellow stripes. Again, this pic is slightly unripe to show the stripes.

The F3 from this are Reg leaf plant row 6 plant 3:

Potato leaf plant row 6 plant 7

Regular leaf plant row 7 plant 5

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