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Fascinating! Out of curiosity, what are the dimensions of your garden? What is the spacing you use? I would assume you don't rotate from year to year? ( ... maybe I am wrong?) If not, do you have any disease/pest problems related to it , & if so, what do you do? I am asking because I have a 25'x50' plot with 100 tomato plants & 90 peppers & 5 different bean varieties - pole & bush. My spacing for toms is 4' rows, 3' between plants & it is CROWDED to say the least. I want to expand the garden & go with 6' rows, 6' between plants next year (it will have to be MUCH larger).

Sorry if this is a hi-jack. I just want to be able to do a few experimental grow-outs next year, as well as all the tried & trues, & first timers, & .... Well, you get the picture! Obviously, it takes alot of space to do all that, esp. judging from all the grow-outs that come from just one or two crosses! Thanks for your help, Craig.
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