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It was a great season for my favorite cross. Here's the "best of" (and some others that just looked cool). I still have some sitting on the counter waiting taste test/seed saving, so I may have a few more to post. I'm psyched to see everyone else's final results from this line. I sent it out to a number of people (especially the "antho mystery" sub-line).

AM FY 1-9. From the "antho mystery" sub-line. Love the looks, and the taste was 9.5/10. Near perfect. Except that I could have saved more seeds.

"Antho Mystery" FY1-10, FY 1-8 and FY 1-3. All had bicolor interiors. 1-3 taste 8/10, 1-8 was an 8/10 and 1-10 was 8.8/10

FY 2-31, FY 2-33, FY 2-30

FY 2-33
My notes said 2-30 had a GWR/pink BC interior and excellent taste. 2-33 had good taste, good looks and good productivity.

L1-19 AWESOME looks, fruity taste, one of my favorites of the season. I'll be doing a bunch of seg's from it this next year.

L1-19, L1-17

L 1-19 (see details above)
L1-17 was sweet, Taste 7.5/10

L 25-5, L 26-2, L 25-3, L 27-1
L 25-3 nice BC, Taste 8/10; L 25-5 very good flavor, L 26-2 Ananas Noir type, small, EXCELLENT flavor; L 27-1 small, but epic stripes, great flavor.

L 1-24, L 1-6
I love the way 1-6 looks, and the good, acid taste didn't hurt. L 1-24 was a pretty Ananas Noir type, taste 8.5/10

L2-29, the photo doesn't really capture the coral-pink color of the interior. Taste was 8.5/10, my notes say "good stuff"!

FY 4-11, FY 4-5. 4-5 wasn't worth seed saving, but 4-11 had EXCELLENT flavor.
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