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Sometimes green shoulders are from sunscald too. You might avoid seeds from the green part, they are less likely to be 100% viable if unripeness or sunscald is cause of the green. Seeds from the red part should be ripe and ready.

You definitely have a yellow epidermis and a red fruit, which is exactly what you would expect. Campari is a red parent and that's the dominant color trait, both gf (black fruit) and clear epidermis (pink or purple fruit) are recessive traits, you will expect them showing up roughly one in four of your F2.

BTW is Campari an OP? If it's not a 100% stable OP, then you would have variation in the F1 for the less than fixed traits like shape. So if you're seeing different shapes on different F1 plants, best to save seeds from the one you like best, for sure.
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