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Originally Posted by Labradors2 View Post
Yes! The infamous TAD! I wonder what happened to that variety?

Little Lucky is another, fabulous tomato that was produced. My favourite!

please read the history section in the link below.

Tad Smith was trying to breed a certain variety,see link above, and sent some seeds,which were not stable,he had to do that and sent them initially to Craig L but Craig had no room to grow them out so sent the seeds to me since I had lots of room and Tad sent some xsome maps to Craig who then sent them to me when I got involved .

Before I post more I decided to do a Google search,here it is

So you can see who Tad (nickname) was and hopefully still is.I know he moved to the west Coast,CA,(see confirmation of that below) and was with some large CO that bred tomatoes.

Here's another one he bred

Tad would also send hybrids to both of us, they were great,but no way were either of us going to dehybridize them, maybe Tad told us not to share seeds.

I set out 12 plants and wonder of wonders I got what he wanted,saved those seeds and sent some back to both Craig and Tad.

There were a lot of e-mails going back and forth about this as well,thank heavens.

Last I knew I regrew it up here where I am now, saved seeds on a non-coated paper plate and those seeds may still be here.

And I know that Craig also saved seeds as well.

So the only two folks, aside from Tad himself who hopefully still have seeds that might germinate are Craig and myself.

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