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Originally Posted by Tropicalgrower View Post
I was going to wake up an old thread on fingerlings,but figured I would just go ahead and buy what the local nursery offers.I called them yesterday and he said that he is pretty sure they will have French Fingerling like they did last year.I will also buy whatever white skinned variety they have whether Austrian Crescent, Russian Banana or LaRatte.I was in a local grocery supply store (that supplies restaurants etc),and they have 5lb bags of triple washed fingerlings (red white and blue/purple) for $6.77.Very tempted at that price,but I think I'll go with named varieties.

I was lucky and found some food grade plastic 55gal drums for a giveaway price.I'm going to halve them and grow my potatoes in them.I should be able to get some reasonable production with those I should think.I guess I will find out.

Like rxkieth,I would also like to try some of Tom Wagners Skagit Valley variety,but have no idea in the world how to find any to plant.

Contact Curzio at KPP, he might have some to sell.
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