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What is your in-row spacing going to be?
How much between rows, or if "beds", how many rows per bed and what is the space between beds?
I think garden planting is much easier to plan when you create a standard "bed unit"
About everything I grow is based on a 3' wide bed. That does not mean it is raised or special in any way. Just means it is a 3' wide growing area that can handle anything from one row of plants (zucchini) to two rows (broccoli), to 3 rows (garlic, strawberries) to 5 rows (carrots).
You could also go narrower to 30", as that is easier to reach across from one side to the other.
Then you can standardize the length based on your plot or how much you usually plant OR how you want to calculate inputs like fertilizer.
In your case, 10' long beds would probably be good for calculating ferts and give you enough unique areas to separate varieties.

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